WebdriverIO(Selenium or Appium) Chatbot Unavailable

Hello Team,

In my Botium Box, the WebdriverIO(Selenium or Appium) Chatbot is unavailable for selection from the dropdown. Can you please suggest how do I get the same?

I am using Botium Box Mini Edition.

E2E Testing is not part of Botium Box Mini - see pricing table here: https://www.botium.ai/pricing/

There is a trial available for additional features (like E2E Testing with Selenium).


Hello Florian,

From where can I get the trial version for the additional feature of Botium please. Actually I am planning to perform a PoC on Botium from a integration with Appium point of view.


Use Feature Upgrade in the Botium Box main menu


Hello Florian,

Okie thanks. I have made the request now. If any further help required, I will reach out to you.

Hello @Florian,

I have successfully configured the botium.json file. Now I want to connect to a Perfecto device using the Botium-Perfecto integration to run the botium script. I already have the Perfecto credentials with me. Can you kindly help me in enabling the Device Sets option in Botium please(a trial version should do) so that I can perform this integration please.

Hello @Florian,

I am not able to find the Device Provider option in my Botium Box. Can you please enable that please.

Below is how it will look as I have found from the documentation:

It is in the Settings menu, you can find it in the User icon on the top right. I enabled the perfecto device provider for you.

Hello @Florian,

Okie thanks. I have now successfully configured Perfecto Deviceset. Now I have configured an E2E Testing project using the Quickstart Wizard (https://ibmsg.mini02.botiumbox.com/testprojects/view/ckltluccgpkiu07631bzv1ej5) and when I run, I get the following errors:

Can you please help on how to fix this error please.

You are trying to test an Appium application with a webbrowser device, this cannot work.
I updated your Device Set to use an Android endpoint


The second thing was that your test set was empty (not convo), so I added one.

But unfortunately, the Perfecto endpoint replies with an error when trying to launch this device. There can be a couple of reasons for it. I will hand this over to the engineering team and get back to you as soon as I know what’s going on there.

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Thanks @Florian…awaiting response from your engineering team on this then…

Hi @Florian, has there been any updates on this please?

no, in the night we didnt do any work

Hi @Florian thanks for the update…do let me know when you find the fix please.

The Perfectolabs Appium Endpoint does’t like the “appium:” prefix for the capabilities.
I updated this in the connector settings.

Thanks @Florian for the resolution. Much helpful.
I will proceed forward and will reach out to you for any further help(if any) required.

Hi @Florian, I am now trying to perform the chatbot automation on the Perfecto Android device using the Expedia App (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.expedia.bookings&hl=en_IN&gl=US) .

I have already installed the app from playstore into the device.This app behaves in such a way that user need to first launch the app,then click on the chatbot icon present in the opening page of the app and that will take into the chatbot.

Now I have created the chatbot accordingly in botium (https://ibmsg.mini02.botiumbox.com/chatbots/view/cklxd8dbjqidi0763eh93zhmy) with the appropriate object mappings. If you see here, I am first using the Navigation Button Selectors option by giving a sequence of Webdriver selectors,which will be clicked one after the other to navigate to the actual chatbot widget in the Expedia App.

Now when I execute it (https://ibmsg.mini02.botiumbox.com/testprojects/view/cklxdw0hcqiz80763c51cqlim), I am getting the following error:
WebDriver error on startup: waitUntil condition failed with the following reason: Execute script is not supported.

Can you please help on this please why Botium is throwing this error. Any help in fixing this is highly appreciated. Tnx in advance for this ask.

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installed the app and cannot see the chatbot icon. do you know more about this app ? maybe the chatbot is only shown in certain regions ?

Hi @Florian, here is the apk file. (BotiumApp/Expedia_base.apk at main · sayom88/BotiumApp · GitHub)

Also sharing with you the snapshot where you can find the chatbot icon in the landing page of the app when you launch the app.