Unable to hit websocket api

I am trying to achieve automation testing for a bot using websocket api , I have installed botium core and websocket connector and able to run and test sample echoserver project, but when I tried to hit this url - wss://nexustek.intelliservice.ai/autobot through botium.json my bot are not able to connect though same url can be hit publicly using any websocket client, can someone help me what I am doing wrong I am new to botium and websocket.

My botium.json
“botium”: {
“Capabilities”: {
“PROJECTNAME”: “Botium Websocket”,
“CONTAINERMODE”: “websocket”,
“WEBSOCKET_URL”: “wss://nexustek.intelliservice.ai/autobot”,
“conversationId”: “botium”,
“text”: “{{msg.messageText}}”

Currently, the Generic Websocket Connector can only handle JSON payload. When accessing the websocket service in question with a test client, I had the impression that it is a plain text message exchange. This will require code changes to the connector

Thanks Florian, you are right it’s a plain text message any idea if in future you are going to support plain text with websocket service ?

we will support it for sure. not much work to do, will be ready in one of the next few sprints.

With latest Websocket Connector PR on Github this feature is available now in the codebase.

Awesome :+1: I will try it tommorow