Unable to connect to Whatsapp chatbot using Webdriver Script = "Whatsapp"

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We have been trying to automate the conversation with a Whatsapp bot and it seems to be easier to establish the communication with the bot using Webdriver Script = “Whatsapp” but I noticed that the value for btnCleanOk is “CLEAR” but it should be “CLEAR CHAT”, as this value is not updated we are facing difficulties in connecting to chatbot using Webdriver Script = “Whatsapp”.Could you please check this ?

Source : botium-connector-webdriverio/whatsapp.js at master · codeforequity-at/botium-connector-webdriverio · GitHub

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Prasanth Kandasamy

OK, this is a problem with Appium automation - every new app release might change labels or pathes. added this to the backlog.

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May I know when the updated version will be available ?

The Botium Webdriver connector has been updated. It is now also possible to adapt these language-specific labels with a “secret” capability WEBDRIVERIO_WHATSAPPLABELS

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