Unable to access the Rasa Bot

Hi @Florian ,

I want to automate the Rasa bot through botium binding. I have taken the reference through GitHub - codeforequity-at/botium-connector-rasa: Botium Connector for Rasa this url. Currently I have taken the Rasa bot code in my local.

Please find my below botium.json file:-

“botium”: {

"Capabilities": {

  "PROJECTNAME": "RasaProject",

  "CONTAINERMODE": "rasa",


  "RASA_ENDPOINT_URL": "http://localhost:5005/webhooks/rest/webhook"


"Sources": {},

"Envs": {}



And created the convo file by simply giving the #me and #bot section .

But getting error :- at BotiumBindings.wrapBotiumError (node_modules\botium-bindings\src\BotiumBindings.js:77:14).

Could you please suggest how to connect Rasa bot to botium binding?

Hi @Florian,

Any update on this ? Do I am missing any field in the botium.json file.

Your response will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards
Bandana Kumari

Any update on this ?