Testing Voice Bot


We have a voice bot(Amazon Lex) developed and it will automatically call the users mobile based on the data setup in the DB.

Now we were able to setup the connection thro Botium Box to the voice bot and test with simple basic voice commands(but not getting the required outputs)

Wanted to know if there is any connectivity possible to connect the botium box to the DB or to any phone number so that the communication is initiated by the bot and testing done through the botiun box voice wizard.

Awaiting your response.


The short answer is no. We have some limited functionality to test IVR hotlines over Twilio, but this is only for a Botium-initiated phone call for now.

For Amazon Lex, you can connect directly to the Lex API und use the Botium Voice wizard for running tests on it.

Ok Noted. No setup required for connecting Lex through Botium Box right?

Also share me the link to refer to test IVR hotlines over Twilio(Botium-initiated phone call).


links to the connector docs are in the wiki