Testing right category of ticket creation in IBM Maximo by BM Watson Assistant based chatbot being tested using BOTIUM

Appreciate to suggest:-
How to test whether IBM Watson Assistant based chat bot have created right category of service request in IBM Maximo?

Thank You,
Vivek Chauhan

My knowledge on IBM Maximo is 0.0 (zero dot zero), but as it is from IBM I guess that it has an API, and then there could be used one of the Botium extension points to develop your own Botium asserter - a small snippet of Javascript code to upload to Botium Box and which can be used in the test script files with your magic keyword … for example, if the future Botium IBM Maximo connector has been registered with the magic keyword CHECK_IBM_MAXIMO, the section in the test case script could look like this:

I created a service request with the number $SERVICE_REQUEST_NUMBER

I am aware that this is not a task for beginners - it requires:

  • knowledge of Botium Box and Botium Core development
  • experience in IBM Maximo API
  • experience in Javascript development
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