Test Case import from Lex fails

I enrolled in the eval for Botium Coach, and I’m attempting to follow the instructions from " Step 2: Prepare Datasets for Training and Testing" However, when I attempt to import from Lex, the import fails with this:

There appears to be another option (upload), but it is disabled, as I my eval license does not include the feature that would allow me to use it. I do have a Lex bot, and a test set that works perfectly with that bot: 100% of the test cases pass both in Botium Core and Botium Box.

Additionally, when attempting to import data from Rasa, Botium looks for an MD file. Rasa hasn’t been using MD for its NLU data for a long time now. I converted my Rasa 2.8 NLU training data to MD with yaml2doc, but Botium Box extracted 0 intents from it.

Will have a look at the Lex issue.

We know about the outdated Rasa MD files, but we didnt see lot of usage of this feature - its in the backlog to support Rasa yaml.