Storing text and buttons in variables


I am using scripting memory file in Botium box and was trying to store text and buttons in same variable.

$orderSelection |I would like to order
BUTTONS Pizza|Pasta|Soup

When I try to use this variable in my convo file, I see only the text “I would like to order” is considered by bot and not the buttons. Also, bot does not give any error. Could you please help on what is the right way to do this?


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Right now I think there is no way of doing this with the scripting memory. The scripting memory cannot change the structure of the script, only the invididual text components.

Maybe a partial convo is the better way of doing this.

Thank you for your reply. So, will I have to create multiple partial convo files for each such variable?

Depends on your case. Something like this should also work:

$orderSelection |I would like to order
BUTTONS $product1|$product2|$product3

I will check this out. Thank you.