Scripting Memory file in Botium Box


I created a scripting memory file like
$name |abc

In my convo file, I am trying to use the variable like

Hello $name

It works. But I do not get any error even if I change my convo file to

Hello $name1

Could you please help, where I am going wrong?

The scripting memory file is for *pre-filling" the scripting variables.

If you are using a scripting variable that is not part of the scripting memory file:

Hello $name1

then Botium will actually create a new variable $name1 and fill it with whatever the bot says in this position

Got it. Thank you.

  1. Is there a way to block this scenario. I want the bot to give error if variable does not exist in scripting memory file.

  2. I have some buttons with text. Is it possible to store the text as well as buttons in variable?
    Like: Text: I want to order
    Button1: Pizza
    Button2: Pasta
    Button3: Garlic Bread

  3. Also, can we use line breaks br/ with <> (it is considering line break if I write it correctly here in the post) or anything similar in the texts assigned to variable?

Like: $text |I like abc (line breaks) xyz