Retry Behaviour

The Retry Behaviour is for individual steps of a conversation, and it will repeat exactly the one step that is failing.
For instance, occasionally an IBM Watson or Google Dialogflow endpoint is not responsive, for whatever reason - might be a cloud issue or a networking issue or something else - and in this case there is a failure message like “ECONNTIMEOUT” shown. You can configure the regular expression here to exactly this ECONNTIMEOUT to make Botium just repeat the call to IBM Watson or Google Dialogflow.
This does not work in all cases, it depends on several things that are not under the influence of Botium - like implementation details of the chatbot - but for catching endpoint timeout issues it usually works well.

I have two different errors that I want the complete test to retry.

  1. We get a response that tells us there was a timeout
  2. We get an empty response.

If we get any failures, I would like the repeat the whole test case. It looks like you can set that up in the connection, but I do not understand the correct way to right the regex response.

Currently there is no way of repeating a failed test case automatically.
In the test results view, there is the option to retry the failed test cases, but it has to be triggered manually right now.