ODA Connectivity with Botium Box- Does not connect with configured Intents


Post our connectivity with ODA’s Webhook URL and Secret Key - we tried to perform sample Live chat with the bot.

The current instance of the project in ODA has close to 10 intents, however Botium does not hit any of those instances. Even from the supporting json information log, we do not see any relevant data pertaining to hitting of those 10 intents.

We get a static response and we are unsure which side the problem resides - Botium or ODA’s configuration. Requesting your support in looking into this issue at the earliest.

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Hi Sameerah,

The logs seems to me ok. It looks like you get back the default intent from ODA.
Could you please try what happen if you start a test conversation on the oracle surface.

I tried it with an example bot and worked correctly.
On oracle surface:

The same conversation in botium-box live chat:

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Thanks for that information Szabi. This is how it works for us when we connect with the actual bot

In ODA - Digital Assistant Layer

When trying the same from Botium

The only idea I have, seeing this difference, that maybe your bot is not published. Could you please check it on ODA surface.

Thank you Szabi, we too have this doubt and have asked the customer a few hours back to create a dummy chatbot and publish it for testing. We also mentioned that the problem could not be with Botium post your confirmation. Let us talk to them again and update you tomorrow thanks.

Szabi, as you suggested, we have checked the bot’s status on ODA surface and it seems to a published bot. But, it is found that to connect to the bot in ODA we need to send payloads that validates the user session such as UserID, User Session etc to access the intents in it.

Need your help in sending the payloads along the webhook or other alternate ways to handle this scenario.


The ODA connector is developed based on ODA webhook documentation. I looked the documentation through again, but I haven’t found that kind of specification you mentioned.
Please share with me the documentation, where you found that specification.


In the same ODA Webhook documentation - under Inbound & Outbound Messages section it is described on how to pass extra Payload data through custom JSON structures.

We tried inserting these details through Botium’s “Advanced Settings” under ODA Connector Settings and provided the Payload. However it still not provide the details to ODA appropriately.

Will send out a mail with more details as these are sensitive information to share in this forum