Multi response conversation flow testing in a single convo file

Is it feasible to execute multi response dialog flow in a single convo file in BOTIUM?

Consider this example,
User: I need an ice cream
Bot: Which flavour? Please select one: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry
(Remarks: Here Buttons to select one option are provided)
User: Chocolate or Vanilla or Strawberry
(Remarks: User selects one option)

Bot: Do you need it in cup or in cone. Please select you choice
(Remarks: Here again Button for Cup or Cone option is provided)

User: Cup or Cone (Remarks: User selects one option)

Bot: Thank You. Enjoy your favourite ice cream.

Will it be possible that bot check the functionality in one conversation file only for each of the options i.e.Chocolate or Vanialla or Strawberry and then for cup or cone option ?

Or we have to write separate convo files for each of the dialog flow. If separate convo files needs to be written then we need to write at least 6 convo files to cover all the possible scenarios.

Is it possible that in one convo file only BOTIUM can do testing for all these option tabs?
Hence we need not have to write multiple convo files.

Thank You,

Yes, this is possible. What you are looking for are Scripting Memory Files

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In Scripting Memory Files, description about context variables is provided.

What if there are multiple Buttons to click the desired option?
How to write script for same in a single convo file?

From docs i see that for a single button it can be
BUTTON Yes| option to click Yes

Say if bot displays three clickable buttons named Yes, No or Don’t Know
How to write test scripts for all three options i.e. Yes, No or Don’t Know in a single convo file?

Hi Vivek,
This currently cannot be scripted in a single convo file.

The reason is, that we think when clicking buttons then this is a decision the user makes for changing the upcoming conversation flow, so a different path in the conversation tree is choosen hence a separate test case is introduced.

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