Microsoft Bot Framework (HTTP(S) Endpoint) Connectivity Error

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We have a Chatbot developed using LUIS & MS Botframework. The bot is hosted through the webchat channel not Directline. I am using the Microsoft Bot Framework (HTTP(S) Endpoint) connector with the following details.

  1. Bot Framework Endpoint URL
  2. Microsoft App Id
  3. Microsoft App Secret
    But, I am getting an error in the Inbound Url ( Select an API Key for the Inbound Url). No option is listed to select, It also display an error statement “Unauthorized, missing permission APIKEYS_SELECT”. If i proceed to check connectivity without an API key selected in the Inbound Url, I get an alert "BOTFRAMEWORK_SERVICEURL capability required.

I am trying to understand the Inbound Url is something that is fetched from the Bot’s channel or from Botium itself.

Bot Framework is an asynchronous API, which means that not only Botium is initiating a connection to the Bot Framework Endpoint Url, but the Bot Framework initiates a connection to Botium as well (in Bot Framework this is called the “Service Url”).
Botium Box exposes an API Endpoint, but it is protected by an API Key. Obviously the user you are logged in with doesnt have the permission to access the API keys - either grant the user a role which has the APIKEYS_SELECT permission, or switch to a user which already has it.

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