Live chat feature doesn't work

I am attempting to use Botium Box to see if it would be the right tool for my organization. I am able to connect both the Botium test bots (i.e. echo bot) as well as the Watson Assistant bots that my organization is interested in testing. I am also able to get the “Say Hello” feature within the connecter to work properly. Unfortunately when I try to use the live chat feature with any bot it says it is connected and then doesn’t display anything. I have included a screenshot of the live chat box. I get the same error in both edge and chrome. Thank you for any help you can provide me.

to start the conversation you should try to send something to the bot. a simple “hello” should be sufficient.

I have done this. When I do neither my hello nor the Bot’s reply appears on the screen. I have tried sending the hello both by clicking the button and hitting enter. Thank you so much for your willingness to help btw

Is it possible that you are behind a web proxy that blocks Websockets ?