Is there a way to assert dynamic bot response?


My bot is responding some messages which are dynamic in nature and not static.

eg. it sends an url<random_string>

I wanted to assert such kind of response. Is there any way to assert responses based on regex or partial texts?


This is the “Text Matching Mode” - What are the "Scripting Settings" in Botium Box ? - Botium Wiki

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This helped @Florian. Thanks :smiley:

Hello Florian,

we integrated " Text Matching mode and Normalize Text before Matching" in testcase via Live Chat. Now we need to use dynamic assert concept(Text Matching mode*) with excel, Can we do it with help excel also ?

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Could you please elaborate more on what do you want to achieve?

I am giving all convo through excel following excel integration through botium Let’s say, bot is answering a question for an order number with this text - “Your order number is PO-15342”, When using text matching mode Substring matching , this BotiumScript will succeed. I want to perform “substring matching” through excel.

matching mode and dynamic assertion doesnt depend on the test case file format. so yes, it will work with excel as well.