Is role base testing possible through botium core

Hi Team,

As different role have different permission to access the bot.
For example normal user have limited access to bot . And IT agent have some extra access to bot.

Can we test role based testing through botium core? If yes, where to provide the user role(say email id , name) in the configuration?

With Botium Core I believe you have to create multiple configuration files (botium.json), one for each persona.

Hi @Florian ,

I have tried to create two botium.json file for different persona.
1st file name is botium.json → default botium.spec.js file is there(having different email id for 1 persona)
2nd file name is botium1.json → created botium1.spec.js file → redirecting new (having different email id for 2 persona)

Please find the below botium1.spec.js file

const BotiumBindings = require(‘botium-bindings’)
process.env.BOTIUM_MOCHA_TIMEOUT = 240000
const bb = new BotiumBindings({convodirs: [’./spec/convo/Insurance’ ]})
BotiumBindings.helper.mocha().setupMochaTestSuite({ bb })

Created new Insurance folder for placing new convos. But while running the script each time its taking the old botium.json file. How to redirect to botium1.json file i.e. all the tests cases related to both the persona should run in single go.

I have taken the reference of botium1.json file from (automation - Can I Specify Multiple botium.json file in botium.spec,js file to tell botium that i want to run multiple test suite? - Stack Overflow)

@Florian Any update on this ?

separating spec files is not enough, you will also have to run botium twice, once with each configuration file