How to validate adaptive card button status through botium

I wanted to validate the adaptive card button status. Please find the attached screenshot, how to validate the status like in diagram some status is OPEN and some are CLOSED. How to validate them ?


While sending the request for extracting the adaptive card, bot is responding with ticketID, Title and Status of the ticket.
Bot response in like below:-
ABCDEF_123451,Ticket Created for Botium,OPEN,ABCDEF_123452,Ticket Created for IT Research,CLOSED,ABCDEF_123452,Ticket Created for Administrator, OPEN,

Here the sequence is firstly ticketID is displayed, secondly title and thirdly status. So, in the above example 3 ticketID is displayed with there respective title and status. I want to validate the status how to do this ?

It is hard to say how botium see that response. Do you use any UI for botium? You can use livechat to create a testcase from it. Otherwise could you send your card in JSON format pls?