How to use custom variables in botium utterance file


I want to set some custom variables dynamically in my type script and use it in the excel utterance file. I tried setting SCRIPTING_ENABLE_MEMORY to true and created a custom variable in the botium capabilities ‘LINK_TEXT’ and assigned the value to this variable and then used it in the utterance file as $LINK_TEXT but it does not pull the value as expected. Am I missing something here? Please help with this.


We do not support custom variables via Botium Capabilities.

You can define scripting memory in some scripting memory file. For example in txt format (xxx.scriptingmemory.txt):

         | $LINK_TEXT
linktext1| Text of the link

@ujja , I am automating both web and mobile chatbots. The LINK_TEXT varies for web and mobile. So, I want to dynamically pull the value based on the type of chatbot. The example you provided is great but I cannot use this as I need to check the chatbot type and use different variables here.

Yes @ram-d , I understand that it would be better for you to use variable from botium.json, but you can do it with scripting memory file too. Mobile, and web test is nearly the same, just one scripting memory file is different.

Talked with the team now.

we can implement this feature, to read variables from botium.json. You can get it with the next version. (In a month or so) Is it acceptable for you?