How to set conversationid

We have been using a botium project with the below capabilities. I would like to set a conversation id. Found this link in the documentation: Botium Connectors — Botium documentation. Not sure how to apply to the below config. Can anyone please help by sharing an example that integrates into the below capability?

    "botium": {
        "Capabilities": {
            "PROJECTNAME": "My Botium Project",
            "CONTAINERMODE": "directline3",
            "DIRECTLINE3_SECRET": “<secret>”,
            "DIRECTLINE3_DOMAIN": "<DL_path>",
            "DIRECTLINE3_WEBSOCKET": true,
            "SCRIPTING_MATCHING_MODE": "include",
            "DIRECTLINE3_HANDLE_ACTIVITY_TYPES": "message",
            "WAITFORBOTTIMEOUT": 40000,
            "ASSERTERS": [
                    "ref": "HASLINK",
                    "src": "botium-asserter-basiclink"
            "LOGIC_HOOKS": [
                    "ref": "DUMMY_INSERT_TO_SCRIPTING_MEMORY",
                    "src": "./MyCustomLogicHook.js"
                "token": ""
        "Sources": {},
        "Envs": {}