How to send "button payload" - directline connection

I’m using “botium-connector-directline3” integration with IBM Watson and having issues interacting with custom adaptive cards.

Here is my case - I’m trying to navigate to the next page:

  • running botium locally I do see buttons; however, if I send a value of the button the chatbot responds with “I don’t understand…” See image.

  • using webChat the “Next Page” button sends a payload with a few more parameters to trigger a button. If I only send the action name “jobs_next_page” I’m not being navigated to the second page, the same card shows up again, I guess due to missing parameters. See image:

I’m writing test cases using .convo.txt

Is there any way I could send the payload value in a particular message?
Maybe there is another solution to interact with this button?

Thank you in advance!

please try this: