How to run tests in individual convo files in parallel?

I have a large audio file data set that I am testing using the following convo file:


MEDIA audiofiles/MyIntent/*.wav


However, since I have 10000 .wav files, this test is taking a very long time - roughly 2 secs per wav = ~ 5.5 hours!

I have a way to workaround this, by splitting this into 10000 separate convo files and running the tests in parallel with jest. However it feels a little overkill!

Is there a way to achieve parallelity for this usecase without inflating the size of my codebase massively?


Botium itself is not a test runner - parallel execution is something a test runner should support. You are right, you will have to split the test set into multiple parts. Not into 10000, but into 2 or 3 (depends on how much you want to parallelize). Create 3 folders for the audio files and 3 convos, each pointing to one of the folders, for example.

Here are instructions how to do it with Jest. I think it can work same way with the latest Mocha as well, but didnt try it.