How to login to Botium Box Mini

After reading multiple articles, came up with following sequence of steps which one need to perform to start Botium Box Mini.
I am stuck at step 4, have done the registration for free trial but have not received any email yet. These steps I have listed as per my understanding, let me know if these are incorrect

Step 1 - Set Up the Docker

Botium Box is an application that runs on top of Docker. Therefore, we must first install Docker

On MacOS download docker desktop by following the steps at Install Docker Desktop on Mac | Docker Documentation

Step 2 - Download the Botium Box Repository

Run the following command in a folder where BOTIUM Needs to be installed

git clone

Step 3 - Install Botium Box

  1. Make sure Docker is running.
  2. Open the terminal
  3. Navigate to folder where git repository was cloned
  4. Run the following command: docker-compose -f docker-compose-standalone.yml up -d
  5. Wait for it to finish

Step 4 - Register for a license

  1. Go to Botium Box Mini: Start Chatbot Testing for FREE
  2. After registering, wait until we get an email containing a license from the Botium Box (this can take hours)
  3. After getting the email, download the “license.key” file in the email
  4. Copy the “license.key” file into the resources folder in the Botium Box repository folder

Step 5 - Restart Botium Box

To restart Botium Box, simply open a terminal and run the command

docker restart $(docker ps -q)

Step 6 - User Botium Box

After some minutes, point your browser to http://localhost:4000

Login with user admin and password nooneknows.

Botium Box Mini is available as SaaS only

What are the steps to access Botium Box Mini?

you receive an email a few hours after subscription. we are central european time here.

Thank you Florian. Have received an email.

I got mail but I can’t make a login error msg show


sorry for this issue, there was an issue in our auto-deployment scripts. Your instance is now ready and accessible.

Best regards,

Unable to access botium with the link attached in the email

According to the logs you registered with last name “.”
As a reason of that your account was not created.

I’ve created the account again with valid last name and same email. Will the account be created?