How to add multiple APIs in Https/JSON Connectore

Hello Florian,

We are using HTTPS/JSON Connector to connect with our APIs. We have three different APIs say 1,2,3.
–>API 1 will generate the new “Token” in response every time when hit with body content client_ID and Secret.
–>Generated “Token” will be fed in body of API 2, and then it will get hit. This will provide a dynamic “Conversation ID”.
–>Generated “Conversation ID” will be fed in body of API 3 and then we get a text response.

The challenges we are facing is to input multiple(three different) APIs in botium. we have referred the documentation available on Botium Connector for setting all capabilities but couldn’t find such capacities for multiple APIs.

Thanks & Regards,

This is too much for the generic comnector to be configured with. You have to start with a custom connector implementation.

If we develop a custom connector ,how can we deploy in botium box.Need to understand on the access required to deploy the connector in botium box.