Getting my chatbot company part of your connectors

Hi I work in a conversational AI company how can get my company to partner with you guys
so that we can become part of your connector network.

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Thank you very much for your interest! In order to establish a partnership and develop a connector to your platform, we’d like to have some more information and preferable to set up a call. Can we please continue this conversation in email? Please ping me on this address:

Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Let me know what info you need ,will reply the details in the mail.

First it would be nice to know who you are and what company are you representing.
Do you have any exact business plan with the connector? Do you have an API? What information does your API provide? NLP data? Do you need/want a Botium integration in your UI? We usually set up a call to discuss these details and the future prospects of our business connection.