Getting 'Cant find partial convo with name PCONVO_TEST (There are no partial convos)'


I am trying to utilize partial conversations for reusability.

I did below things after referring to the documentation,

  1. created a file named test.pconvo.txt
  2. Added some conversation there along with a first line PCONVO_TEST
  3. inside my test file I added the partial convo like below.
  4. And I executed tests
  5. But I am getting an error saying
    BotiumError: Cant find partial convo with name TEST (There are no partial convos)

The partial convo file is in the same directory of test convo file.

Could you please help me?

what is the command line you are using

Hi @Florian ,

npx botium-cli run mochawesome --convos ./spec/convo/<test_dir>/<test_file_name>.convo.txt --timeout 120000

the --convos switch restricts Botium to read only this one convo file, partial convo files are not read. Point it to a whole directory, or hand over multiple file paths (including the pconvo.txt file)

@Florian ohk. got it. Thanks for this. After pointing --convos swith to the test directory I could run them successfully.

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