Failed to start a conversation with LUIS bot


Have registered a new LUIS Bot in Botium Box and it says the Chatbot is connected.
But while trying to start a conversation with the Bot, it gives the error :- “Failed sending to chatbot: LUIS answered with error getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND”.

Please let me know what could be the root cause for this error.
If this issue is from LUIS side, kindly provide solution steps to resolve this. Thanks

Chidvilas. K

What did you choose for the Prediction Endpoint URL ?

Endpoint URL from Prediction Resources of Azure Resources.

If you mean to share the actual value, i need to check.

Cannot reproduce. Does it happen everytime ? Is it in Botium SaaS or an on-premise instance ?

It’s been tried with Botium Mini. Yes happen every time.

OK, I can confirm this issue for our Box Mini instances. My team will investigate.


the issue came from our infrastructure. Your LUIS connector should reach the endpoint now.

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Thank you Paul and Florian. I am able see the response now.

Chidvilas. K

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