Disable HyperLinkAsserter for convo

I have a simple convo for which I want to disable the global configuration for the HyperLinkAsserter. Specifically, I know that the URL in the #bot response in my test will fail (specifically, it will get a 403 Forbidden) because it requires authentication. I want to ignore/turn off the HyperLinkAsserter for this convo and just test the text response. Is it possible to do this? I have tried the options shown at https://botium.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/BOTIUM/pages/2359360/Hyperlink+Validity+Asserter+Enterprise#Convo-settings but the global HyperLinkAsserter is still causing the test to fail.

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In the Registered Component settings, there are two switches:

  • The Include in Default Component Set switch will make the asserter be part of all test executions. This means that the asserter is available for use everywhere in all test sets.
  • The Register as global scripting component switch will make the hyperlink response asserter triggered by each and every chatbot response and check all the identified hyperlinks.

So if the second switch is on, all identified hyperlinks will checked, and it is not possible to disable a globally active asserter for just one convo.

I think you have three options, with all are not optimal:

  1. You can switch of the global flag and insert the CHECKLINK asserter everywhere you want to do this validation (which can make it quite some effort)
  2. Or you add the 403 response code to the httpStatus list in the component settings to make the asserter accept it (but it will accept it for all other checks as well)
  3. You duplicate the Registered Component for the hyperlink asserter, disable the global flag for the copy, separate this special test case into a separate test project, where you add the copied asserter into the Involved Registered Component(s) field. So you have the asserter global in one testproject, and added manually for another test project.

Can someone please verify that it is NOT possible to turn off the Hyperlink Asserter in the free version of Botium Box (Mini)?

We are running into this problem and looking for a workaround, since many of our hyperlinks are secured.

Sure it is possible. System Settings (in Profile menu), Registered Components you can switch it of with the “Use in default component set”

This is what I (As Admin) see in Profile menu → Settings → System Settings

I’ve clicked everywhere, I really don’t see Registered components anywhere.

Hm true. I will check this.

This will be possible with the next Botium Box Mini deployment (scheduled for next week)

hello, to catch up on this, this is now part of Botium Box Mini!

Awesome, thanks for the update @Florian :slight_smile: