Deploying botium speech processing on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Trying to deploy botium-speech-processing on Ubuntu machine.
After doing docker compose up permission related error is occuring.
PFA stt-en container error image also find machine info. What changes need to be done ?
Please assist

please describe the steps you have done

  1. downloaded latest release of botium speech processing i.e 1.4.0
  2. installed docker in ubuntu from official docs ref. docker ubuntu
  3. installed docker compose v2 [same link]
  4. commented all of those containers that I didn’t need except nginx, frontend and stt-en.
  5. docker compose up and then getting those permission related errors.
    What could be the root cause of these permission related errors ?
    Is there any user permission that needs to be there in ubuntu ?
    I have tried with both root as well as normal user.
    Please throw some light

In the docker-compose.yml, you can see this section:

    image: botium/botium-speech-kaldi-en:${TAG}
    restart: always
      - "./logs/stt-en:/opt/logs"

Kaldi is started within this container, and the logfiles are written to the guest (docker) folder /opt/logs, which is mapped to the host (local) folder ./logs/stt-en.

This folder should actually be created automatically if not yet there. Can you check first if this folder is created ? if it is there, then try to give full permissions to it (chmod 777 ./logs/stt-en).