Datasets for pharmaceutical industry

Hi @Florian, I was looking at the botium ultimate offering and I see that you provide datasets for various industries. Would botium Ultimate be able to provide datasets for the pharma industry (drug names, questions about illnesses, drugs, diseases, etc)? And I also noticed the bot has GRPR testing. How is that performed? Our bots are in English, French, Japanese, and looking into Spanish. Do you have datasets for each language?

What’s coming with the Ultimate is a consulting&development package for preparing the domain-specific datasets you need. So in the case of pharma domain, we would analyze together with you what data sources are available that are suitable for training and testing a pharma-related chatbot. Can be your own data sets, or public domain data sets. In one case we automatically transcribed 100.000s hours of speech data from a phone hotline to be used as training data. We can mix in test data collected from a crowd of people. We would support you in this process from the beginning up to the point that the data is ready for usage in Botium Box.
It is roughly the same in GDPR - we are partnering with a law office specialized in this topic, and we can do this for all european countries. We have a quick GDPR audit and a test set included which will highlight the areas of interest to get an overview of GDPR related issues.