Create test scripts with botium.spec.js

Hello guys.

in the documentation of botium with mocha, it says that in the botium.spec.js file it is possible to create test scripts. Do you have any examples of how to do this?

As I understand it only executes the .convo files

Well it could be possible, but no one is doing it. So sorry, we dont have example for it.

I would say our documentation is not correct, test cases can be created via scripts files, convo, or utterance files. Where did you found it?

hi @ujja

Thanks for the answer.

my question is because i don’t know how to generate test report but i saw that botium uses mochaawesome

how do i use mochaawesome with botium? I don’t know how to configure it to run the tests and display the test report.

thank you

Hello @KarinaSanches ,

you can use botium-cli:

npm install -g botium-cli botium-core
botium-cli init
botium-cli run

Hi @ujja

I’ve done this. is there any botium command for me to run the test and generate the report file? or when running these commands does it generate the file, if yes, where does it save?

Thank you so much

Yes, use mochawesome as output:

Hi @ujja

you helped me solve a problem.
Thank you very much for your attention and support.

hi @ujja


another question:
I created my project with
npm init -y
npm install --save-dev mocha botium-bindings
npx botium-bindings init mocha
npm install --save
npm run mocha

how to create the same report that is created with botium-cli run mochawesome command? Or does it only create with botium-cli?

with mocha botium-bindings, what is the command to create the test report file?


Change the “mocha” task in package.json to use the mochawesome reporter