Changing Reporter From Mochawesome To Allure

Is it possible to change the test results reporter from mochawesome to allure, so that tests can be run with something like “npx botium-cli run allure” instead of “npx botium-cli run mochawesome”?
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This requires coding - adding support for allure in Botium Bindings and Botium CLI.

Thanks for the prompt response.

Does this mean that the feature to use Allure does not currently exist and would need to be independently developed by myself?

yes, exactly

Thanks for clarifying that.

Would the npm allure-mocha package also not work with mocha test runner, without first developing the code to support Allure?

It could work when using Botium Bindings - install the mocha allure reporter, and use the --reporter option to the mocha commandline

Thanks that worked!

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