Can't register watson in Botium box

I’m new to Botium, I want to register our watson assistant api in Botium, but got below error:

My architecht did create a “Manager” role service credential for me and I did copy above “apikey” value in Botium box. Could you please kindly advise what others problem could block me from registering box in Botium? Thanks a lot for your help in advance.

Is the service endpoint Frankfurt correct ?

Yes, it’s correct.

there you can find the information how to get the api keys for watson assistant

thanks for your reply.
The thing is we knew how to generate service credentials. If I used the same way to create credentials for my own private bot, which can be registered in Botium. But it doesn’t work for real “to-be-tested” bot. We don’t know what other policies/permission blocked it.

For our own purposes we take the service credentials from the “View API Detail” for a Skill in Watson Assistant, and this is what our clients are usually doing, as far as I can tell. If you need help with the IBM cloud IAM things, then an IBM forum would be the better place to ask.

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