Can I get HTML test report using botium-cli?


I am using botium-cli to execute my tests. Is there anyway I can get detailed HTML reports on how many tests passed/failed. On which step the test got failed and anything like that.

yes, type in botium-cli help run to show the options you have. Basically, everything supported by mocha (botium-cli is using mocha internally), and in addition CSV and mochawesome.

I added MochaAwesome using below command.

npm install mochawesome mochawesome-report-generator --save-dev

And then executed below command
npx botium-cli run --convos ./spec/convo/ --timeout 120000 --reporter-options mochaawesome

The tests are executed but I could not see mochaawesome report floder in my directory.

should be like this: npx botium-cli run mochaawesome --convos ./spec/convo/ --timeout 120000

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