BUTTON Tab1|Tab2

While writing BUTTON Tab1|Tab2 in test script, does BOTIUM tool clicks also on tabs and also checks it functionality too? Or simply it checks whether only tabs are being displayed?
Does same is done while displaying URLs, png images etc. too?
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Vivek Chauhan

When used on #bot-side of a conversation:


Botium will check if there are buttons or quick replies available with text Tab1 and Tab2 - what qualifies as “Button” or “Quick Reply” depends on the Botium connector technology.

When used on #me-side of a conversation:

BUTTON myButton

Botium will simulate a click on a button with text myButton - again, what this means depends on the Botium connector technology.

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Hi Florian,
Consider the clickable buttons are on #bot-side of a conversation:


Will BOTIUM automatically simulate the clicks for IBM Watson based chat bot?
Can you please elaborate the term Botium connector technology?

An IBM Watson based chatbot doesn’t have a notion of a “button click” - or better to say, IBM Watson doesn’t care if the input is coming from a button click or from text input, it is usually processed in the same way. But for other technologies like Dialogflow or Bot Framework it makes a difference. So, in the case of IBM Watson, when Botium sees something like this:


then it will just send the text “Tab1” like it has been entered by the user as text.

Multiple buttons (BUTTON Tab1|Tab") don’t make sense as Botium can only simulate one button click per conversation step.

What we call Botium Connector is the interface technology we are using for running a conversation with a chatbot. There are more than 30 Botium Connectors available right now, with Botium it is possible to test pretty much all relevant chatbot technologies out there (such as Dialogflow, IBM Watson, Microsoft Bot Framework …).

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