Browser capability for accepting untrusted sites

Hi Florian,

I am trying to reach a untrusted URL via botium, but not able to proceed. I need to accept the Insecure certificate and proceed with untrusted site.

I need to know how I can add capabilities in Botium box to meet my requirement, I am using “E2E UI/UX Testing” connector with automation technology “Selenium”.

You can try to use the WEBDRIVERIO_START_CHROMEDRIVER_ADDITIONAL_OPTIONS capability (see docs) and add the –ignore-certificate-errors option to the headless chrome (see this article)).

Thank you so much Florian for the quick response.

I used WEBDRIVERIO_START_CHROMEDRIVER_ADDITIONAL_OPTIONS capability and added the –ignore-certificate-errors option to the headless chrome, but instead of accepting the certificate its ignoring. My requirement is to accept the insecure certificate and proceed with untrusted URL.

Do we have any specific capability to accept the certificate? Please help with this.

can you have a look at the log output pls - it should show the command line switches for chrome, lets first check this.