Botium not starting with MicrosoftEdge

Hi team, I am trying to connect to my AI chatbot on MicrosoftEdge with Botium. Unfortunately I keep getting error. For chrome I am able to open the browser but it is not working with Microsoft edge.
I have installed the latest version of driver as well as browser but still the same error. Please find the error below.

  1. Botium Test-Suite
    “before each” hook for “give me picture”:
    Error: WebDriver error on startup: Timed out after 30000 ms while trying to connect to the browser! Only Chrome at revision r982053 is guaranteed to work.
    at BotiumConnectorWebdriverIO.Start (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/botium-connector-webdriverio/dist/botium-connector-webdriverio-cjs.js:1262:13)

My botium.json file :
“botium”: {
“Capabilities”: {
“CONTAINERMODE”: “webdriverio”,
“WEBDRIVERIO_URL”: “My app url”,
“capabilities”: {
“browserName”: “MicrosoftEdge”,
“ms:edgeOptions”: {
“binary”: “/home/Downloads/msedgedriver”
“mocha”: {
“reporter”: “mochawesome”
“Sources”: {},
“Envs”: {}