Botium Crawler: scripts failing to write due to "Maximum call stack size exceeded"

We walked down a very small portion of our Chatbot, creating a 60kb feedback file, and the crawler fails to generate any scripts, stating the issue is “RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded”, running in python

Any help?

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what do you mean with “running in python” ?

@Szabi any thoughts ?

First of all we need some more information. E.g the arguments which the crawler started with, especially I’m curious about the depth argument.

Appreciate the assistance:

The Feedback file is linked here:!Aoedv9_VOwKzgahrftUz5tA_owME0w?e=CmO1Ue

Sorry, I was incorrect: I am running botium-cli directly from the windows command line

Thank you for the userFeedback.json file, that’s very useful.
What kind of chatbot is it? Is it possible to send me your chatbot configuration file (botium.json), this way maybe we would be able to reproduce exactly the same way the error as it appears to you.

Sent a DM with info re botium.json.

It is a chatbot for cash-card holders to try and resolve questions before having to be moved to a live agent, so we currently have about 3 dozen intents, 20+ which have multi-turn designs, and the ability to loop through almost ALL the intents if they ask pertinent questions of the bot.

Szabi believes they will find the issue with the file I provided. Thanks!

With the new version 0.0.6 of botium-crawler the issue should be fixed.

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Also built a new version of Botium CLI including this Crawler update.

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And I broke it again :smiley: I’ll DM Szabi the Feedback file and Verbose output around the failure…

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Haven’t heard back from Szabi in almost a week. @Florian are they still working on this Project?

yes, but he is on vacation. will be back tomorrow.

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Got it resolved :slight_smile: Thanks again!

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