Botium commands don't work

Hello guys

I have already installed all the packages but the Botium commands do not work.
In English, a message that appears in the attached image, when running the:
botium-cli emulator
“botium-cli: command not found”

Can you help me?

did you install botium-cli as global package? (npm install botium-cli -g)

Hi, Attila Ujj

Yes I made it. It’s done.

taking advantage of your answer, I would like to understand more deeply how botium works. There documentation is not very clear. Are there other documents? I uses a directline API for bot framework. How does botium work with this API?


Hello Karina,


Thank Attila Ujj

But does botium actually read the buttons displayed to the user? all this via API?

how can i create better test reports?

Hello Karina,

Yes botium is able to ‘find’ buttons in chatbot responses, and send button click back to the chatbot.

I dont know what you mean with better test report. If you use botium-core, then you have to define them on your own. Botium box has more features to support it. Best starting point for you is maybe this article.

Hello Attila Ujj

Sorry for bothering you. I’m using botium to automate a microsoft chatBot, by directLINE API

how to understand the code and how communication is bouilt via API? Is there any code, I can check? about buttons, can botium simulate clicking a button, via API? I read the documentation, but I didn’t understand how it does it.

thank you very much

Hello Karina,

Maybe this article helps: Botium in a Nutshell, Part 1: What Is Botium ? | by Florian Treml | Medium



i’m encountering a problem running tests with Directline3 - bot framework

after install:

npm install -g botium-cli
npm install -g botium-connector-directline3
botium-cli init
botium-cli run

Returns the following error message:

please help me, it’s urgent. I need to perform testicles

Is the directline package installed? you can check it with the command:

npm list -g --depth 0