[botium-cli] Is there any asserter similar to intent confidence but specific to entities?

Hi everyone,
I am currently using the Botium-cli to test some Chatbots created with Dialogflow.
I am curious to know if it is feasible to test the entity confidence, similar to how we test the intent confidence.
I am retrieving the utterances and convos files using the dialogflow-connector.
In my case, some of the chatbots contain entities, and I would like to determine how accurately the chatbot can recognize all of the entities.
I plan on accomplishing this by evaluating the entity confidence.

Thank you, Rocco G.

You can use ENTITY_CONTENT name|content for convos and allegedly the same for JSON files, but only works with convos.

Using arguments “name|content” for ENTITY_CONTENT with a JSON file always results in “missing argument” error.

Hope it helps.

Hi Ale thanks for your reply.

So ENTITY_CONTENT works only if i specify in the convo files the entity and the possible values and not in the json file as follows:

        "ref": "ENTITY_CONTENT",
        "src": "EntityContentAsserter",
        "global": true,

In my case i have 1 entity “news-type” and his json files in the entities folder.
This entity can get different values like:

  • “business”,
  • “entertainment”,
  • “general”.
  • etc.

The general value has 3 synonyms.
What i can define one ENTITY_CONTENT asserter in the botium.json and then edit manually the convos file that i retrieve by using the dialogflow-connector.
How should i modify the botium.json and the convo file?



Hello there!

Sadly, the asserter ENTITY_CONTENT when using a JSON script is always resulting in “missing argument”. I’ve tried the same format as you did (“entity|content”) and many other variants with the same result.

Since I wasn’t able to figure it out, I ended up creating a ticket for Support and also posted in the forum for botium-core and botiumbox, since it happens also in SaaS version.

If you find the correct format to avoid “missing argument” error, please let me know!

Good luck mate.