Botium Box not allowing extraction of utterances & Coach not enabled for ODA

After connecting with Botium Box with ODA’s sample intent, we are unable to extract any utterances automatically from the model.
And the Coach also does not list the connected ODA bot. NLU testing was the primary focus of our customer as they wanted to analyze the confidence scores between multiple executions.

Kindly look into this.

We would be very happy to enable Botium Coach and the Test Case Wizard for ODA, but currently there are no public APIs on Oracle side for doing this.

This is news to us Florian, will take over the conversation from here to email.
Let me see if I can get our customer talk to ODA team and have these enabled as public APIs.

The confidence scores are available in ODA platform and hopefully they enable it for us. Let us try our best here.

Yes, I know that this is part of the ODA platform, there is just no API that I know of to use these NLU results for external applications