Botium Box mini edition limitations

For Botium mini, are there any limits on -

  • the number of test cases which can be executed in single session
  • the number of conversations which can be present in a single test case script
  • size of the the test case script file
  • the number of test case scripts and utterance files in a test set
  • other time limits

Apologies if these things are mentioned in the documentation, I wasn’t able to find them

Yes, there are certain limits.

Maximum 50 convos and 500 utterances

No limit

No limit

Maximum 50 convos and 500 utterances

Maximum 5 test sessions per hour
Maximum 10 minutes test session duration

@Florian thank you very much, this really helps!

@Florian :- As I found there is a limitation of Botium mini, “Maximum 50 convos and 500 utterances”. Same limitation applied for Botium Core also ?

@Florian Sorry for asking again. Is there any limit for no. of convos and utterances for botium core ?

No limitations in Botium Core!

@Florian :- So as I understood, botium is capable of handing unlimited number of Question and Answers?


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