Botium Amazon Lex - Tests not Reading Utterance files


I am trying to run a simple test which will expand HELLO_UTT utterance file

This is my test file:

This is my utterance file:

When running botium-cli with the verbose flag, I notice that utterance files have not been found. This can be seen in the below screenshot:

Both the conversation and utterance files exist within the same directory.

I am running the test with --expandutterances also.

Here is the command I am running for the test:

botium-cli run --expandutterances --convos Tests\greeting_test.convo.txt --verbose

Is there something I am missing here? I believe I have the correct set up for this to be working.
Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Try it with the –convos switch pointing to the Tests directory instead of directly to the convo file:

botium-cli run --expandutterances --convos Tests --verbose

Ahhh that has worked, thank you!

Is it not possible then to achieve this with specifying one conversation file?

No, currently not possible.