Azure Bot - Click buttons in adaptive card not working

We are using Botium Box Mini Edition to test our chatbot created using Azure. The connector that we are using is MS Bot Framework (Direct Line 3).

When the bot responds with an answer if the user clicks on thumbs up, then a feedback adaptive card is supposed to appear. This is working fine in Teams but in Botium a ‘yes’ is appearing instead of the feedback card.

Adding Teams Image as I could not add to the previous message.


Most likely missing configuration for button clicks: How Can I Simulate Buttons with my Azure Bot ? - Botium Wiki

Hi Florian, the setting shown in the below link is not available in my Botium Box, can you guide me through it.

Link referred -

My Botium Image -

This tutorial is about a totally different test type, and also it doesnt work anymore as the Kuki website now requires authentication. Wasnt the case when this tutorial has been written obviously.

Ok, what might be the solution for my case as it’s working well in Teams but not in Botium Box.

As said above, the Kuki tutorial has nothing to do with your Azure use case. It is most likely an issue with how button clicks are delivered from Botium to your bot framework- it is an implementation detail how your bot framework expects button clicks to happen.