Azure Bot - Adaptive card in Botium displaying response twice

We are using Botium Box Mini Edition to test our chat bot created using Azure. The connector that we are using is MS Bot Framework (Direct Line 3).

We are seeing that when a response with adaptive card is displayed it is showing the response twice. Pls see image attached. The response “As per design this is not possible” is appearing twice once in the blue back ground and again in the white background. Any idea on how to get this resolved

Can you please click on the “<>” button and attach the source code output here. thanks.

When I put that JSON content in the forum it is giving me the following error. Can I send it to your email id or should I change some thing in the JSON


you can use something like

sorry we don’t have access to this. I am pasting this as a couple of images.

Ok, now I see. This works as expected. It is an adaptive card, but for simplicity Botium is using the header text of this card for assertions by default.

Thanks Florian