Azure & AWS Contact Center Voice Testing

We are trying to validate Botium’s possibility of Automating Contact Center solutions for a product. Below are the requirements. We went through the Forum,Botium Wiki and also tried a few options with the instance that we have, yet no luck. Can you kindly provide some insights here.

1. Contact Center developed using Azure Services

→ DirectLine channel is not used by the Product team
→ Azure’s New Telephony Connector is being used
→ Contact Center is access via a 1800 number using this architecture

2. Contact Center using Amazon’s Connect

  1. For every module in the “Contact Flow” under AWS Connect, 1 independent Bot(Lex) is associated through AWS Connect [Eg 10 contact flows have 10 Lex Bots]
  2. Hence Botium’s Lex Connector cannot be used as - we do not receive the response from the AWS Connect & Conversational Flow cannot be tested through Botium


  1. Can Botium work with Azure’s Telephony Channel connectivity in anyway?
  2. Is there a possibility of AWS Connect integration with Botium?
  • Even if Directline is not enabled, it should be possible to directly address the HTTP/JSON endpoint of your Bot Framework app implementation.
  • On E2E Level, our VOIP connector could be used to connect on the phone line, which is generally a good idea for smoke tests and monitoring.

There currently isnt a Botium connector for AWS Connect available. It is in our backlog though, and we are waiting for an early adoptor client to work on this.