Any setting we need to test French Conversation through watson chatbot

Do we have any special settings that for French conversation testing for Watson chatbot?

In my current testing, special characters in French are not reorganized by the bot if sending through Botium scripts, such as the “é” in “stratégique” , bot will reply “#bot: I’m sorry, I don’t understand your question. Could you try asking it a different way please?”
tried set “SCRIPTING_MATCHING_MODE”:“equals” in “botium”: → “Capabilities”, not work either.

but if manually send same messages to bot through UI directly , it works fine.

Any help or suggestion will be much appreciated.


There are no additional settings as far as I know right now.
Can you post the full request/response payload from Botium to Watson here please.

just found out change my utt file to utf-8 type, then it works fine, Thanks, Florian !

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