Amazon Connect IVR connector plans?


I’m trying to design a platform to test our voice bots over a phone connection. We already have a POC that uses Botium with the Lex connector, but that only covers a part of our tests.

My original plan was to use the Twilio connector. However, it turned out that Twilio requires a public URL to send events back to the caller, and my company doesn’t allow those on any level (for example, when I tried going to ngrok’s website, the browser reported that it’s blocked).

We are an AWS shop, and have access to Amazon Connect. Are there any plans for an Amazon Connect connector? Do you know if anyone is working on one?



I dont know of anyone working on this. Your intention is to test an IVR contact flow in Amazon Connect, did I get this right ?

Yes, the event flow for our bots is Caller->Amazon Connect->Lex, but that’s besides the point: I was planning on using Botium/Twilio to test any telephone-accessible bot, and if there was an Amazon Connect connector for Botium, I could use it in the same way to test any bot. At this point I’m trying to figure out how much effort each approach requires (pleading for exception from security rules for Twilio vs. writing a connector vs. other solutions).

I did a quick check of the Amazon Connect API docs. I dont see the capabilities there to do the thing we are doing with the Programmable Voice from Twilio. Its possible to initiate outbound calls with Amazon Connect, but only bound to a Connect Flow. Maybe generating those flows dynamically from the Botium test cases could work, but this requires time for ecperimenting with this tech.