Support for IBM Watson Excel Sheets

You can find some sample excel files for download in the Botium documentation

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Hi Florian,
Appreciate your quick response. We has downloaded the sample excel files from the Botium documentation.
We are able to upload the same in Botium box.
The challenge is:-
Need right syntax regarding how to embed this excel file utterance list in convo file of the test case.
Thank You,
Vivek Chauhan
One feedback is that: Try to upload as much as possible short 5-7 minutes max duration video tutorials along with standard documentation. It will become highly popular approach to attract beginners/enthusiasts to learn about the BOTIUM,

Hi vivek,
in Botium you can intermix all of the supported file types, meaning that you can use the utterance lists defined in the excel files right away in the convo files. Here is a tutorial how to write and upload excel files.

Each utterance list has a “magic word”, which is the name of the list. If you named your utterance list like UTT_HELLO (we recommend to choose a universal prefix for them to not get confused), you can use it like that:


hi dude

And thanks for the feedback, we are actually on it to get more video tutorials done.


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